Russian OR Classic Lash Extensions?

Not sure which ones would suit you best, hopefully this will help!

Classic Lash Extensions are individual lashes adhered to your individual lash, and are slightly thicker and longer than your natural lashes.

This type of lash application is great for people who have a lot of healthy lashes, with no gaps along the lash line and are looking for a slightly enhanced but still natural looking effect.


Often called 2D – 8D Lashes, meaning you can apply anywhere between 2 and 8 ultra thin lashes to each individual lash, depending on the desired effect and just how extravagant and dramatic a look you are going for.

These are also great for people with very sparse lashes or with gaps along the lash line

There is one more lash type which may be suitable for you and that’s the Elipse lash.

Again, ideal if you want a more natural looking lash but great if you have finer lashes, wanting a fuller look but without too much added weight

I really hope this helps but if you need any further information please do not h