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Nail Treatments:MobileSalon
Nail Enhancements Acrylic or Builder Gel
Sculptured nail extensions applied to your natural nail providing
extra length and durability.
On like a polish, non chip, instantly dry. Protects and strengthens
natural nails.
Gel/Minx Toes
Gel – French Manicure, classic, timeless and lasts for months.
Minx – Minx toes. Customised toe finishes, hundreds of designs
to choose from.
Rebalancing your enhancements every three to four weeks as your
natural nail grows.
Threading Hair Removal
A very delicate procedure, making it suitable for even the most
sensitive skin, with long-lasting effect.
From £15.00
You cannot put a price on ‘making you feel good’ !!!!
Creative Nail Polish
Red Enamel Hot Chilli
Lash ExtensionsNew SetInfill Set
Russian Volume Lash Extensions£70.00£40.00 – £50.00
Classic Lashes£50.00£30.00 – £40.00
Hibrid Lashes£50.00£25.00 – £35.00
Lash Lift and Tint £43.00N/A
Russian Volume Lash Extensions View From above and Face On.
Russian Volume Lash Extensions.